The Cost of IT Support

Do you know the True Cost of IT Support?

The cost for IT Support of computer networks can vary greatly across the Oklahoma City Metro. It is critical for business owners and IT staff to know what is offered with the different providers of Managed IT support. Is one provider of support really better than the next guy – and why?

This is a very important question, and one that business owners do not ask often enough. At the end of each fiscal year business owners look at their financials and see what that they have spent for IT Support. Unfortunately, this is only a portion of the cost of supporting and maintaining the computer network.   The real cost of supporting your computer network is downtime and lost productivity.

It is unfortunate, but many small and mid-sized businesses do not have any plan for preventing reliability issues from happening to their computer networks. Some of these issues (server/desktop crashes, firewall crashes, router/switch malfunctions) can take down your entire network for many hours or perhaps days. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen frequently, and perhaps because of that many business owners are in denial and do not think that it will happen to them. They may call the result of these rare instances as downtime, but in reality downtime has other hidden components that are possibly even more costly than when the server crashes.

What does downtime really cost?

When talking about your computer network, downtime is anytime when your employees’ performance is negatively. When your employees wait for applications to load; this is downtime. When employees wait for slow web pages to load on their workstations; this is downtime. When employees wait excessively for pages to print; this is downtime.  And when employees are forced to recreate corrupted or missing documents;  this is downtime.

So, what is the cost of hidden downtime? Take an example of the average employee wage of $35,000 a year. Let’s assuming this employee takes two weeks of vacation in a year.  Their hourly pay rate is $17.50 per hour.  If during a typical work hour their computer is operating slowly causing a couple extra minutes of wait time.   This translates to 16 minutes each day and 1 hour and 20 minutes each week. The cost for waiting is $23.28 each week, and $1,210.56 annually.  For a company with 10 employees the annual cost is over $12,000.  And this doesn’t even begin to include the cost of actual down time when the network is not accessible.

Hire a full-time technician or Outsource IT Support


So the solution to the problem is either to hire a full time IT Technician, or outsource IT support.  A full time employee costs a hefty salary plus benefits, vacation, sick time, etc… Compare that to the outsourced IT solution that will be a fraction of the cost without all the headaches.  For a small business, and many medium sized businesses, managed IT solutions and outsourcing IT support make sense.

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Understanding Managed IT Services

Understanding and Defining Managed IT Services

The phrase IT Support providers use today to describe their services is “Managed IT Services”.   More companies are jumping on the “Managed Services” bandwagon every day.  But do they really know what this term means, or are they just using it a marketing tool?

The definition of “Managed IT Services” is the process of a business outsourcing a portion of their IT operations to a service provider who provides IT solutions such as assuming the responsibility of 24 hour monitoring, data security, and problem resolution.

 A Brief History of Managed Services

As companies have become more reliant on their networks for their business operations, the skill-sets required to keep these networks operational have grown more complex.  Large companies with big budgets were able to hire the staff with these skills.  But small companies didn’t have that luxury and relied on a break-fix mentality.  Managed services meant that when the system broke, a call was made to someone with the tools and skills (hopefully) to get the system running again, only to leave and not be seen until the system broke again.   This mentality can be very expensive in downtime and lost productivity, and does little to maintain the integrity of the system.

Managed IT Services and IT Solutions now available for small to medium sized businesses

The tools that large companies have enjoyed are now available to Managed IT Service providers for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses.   This provides these businesses a greater level of security by providing alerts when a system is at risk and progressively keeping the system functioning at maximum efficiency.   Instead of after-the-fact break-fix, the managed service provider can assess system risks and respond quickly before problems arise, as well as offering IT Solutions the business may not be aware of..

Do Managed Services Cost More Than Traditional Break-Fix Services?

Drum roll please…  The answer is actually no! Surprisingly most managed services cost less than traditional break-fix services, especially when including the true cost of downtime. Remote monitoring, remote maintenance, prevention of major issues, and other IT Solutions allow a managed services provider to be more efficient than a similar break-fix company who is constantly scrambling between clients after receiving distress calls. The managed service company can offer better service without charging more, and help the business remain productive and functioning.

Which type of maintenance do you currently have?

If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, you are utilizing a break-fix methodology to maintain your network, and may benefit from a managed service methodology without costing you more.

  1. Do you find out immediately if your data back-up fails to run?
  2. Do you know which equipment on your network is aging and might need replacing?
  3. Do you know if your server and all of your desktops have the latest anti-virus updates installed and are functioning correctly?
  4. Do you know if the latest security patches have been installed on your network?
  5. Do you know who the heaviest internet users are, and whether they are downloading large files which can slow down the network
  6. Do you know if users are accessing inappropriate web sites?
  7. Do you know which PCs are running out of memory, affecting user performance?
  8. Do you have one number to call for all of your technology service requirements?
  9. Do you only hear from your computer guys “after” things break?

To learn more about how managed services work and how they might benefit your business you can contact TeamLogicIT OKC at either of our two Oklahoma City locations.  For our Northwest location, call us at (405) 840-1545 or send us a message here.  Or contact our downtown location by calling (405) 792-6982, or use our online form for questions or requests.

OKC businesses need the best Internet security to avoid breaches.

Businesses need the best Internet security possible to protect their data, reputation.

Every business – large or small – needs to have the best Internet security possible in OKC to reduce the possibility of data breaches. The effects of such breaches can be devastating in terms of downtime, and every type of business is at risk.

Internet Security

Small businesses may be targeted because their sites, servers, operating systems and security measures may not be as extensive or could be outdated. Even large corporations such as Target aren’t immune, with the company suffering a costly data breach that affected around 40 million customers.

The need for security

As businesses increasingly rely on technology for their daily operations and payments and also depend on mobile devices, the need for the best network security practices is greater than ever.

Not all companies, however, have dedicated IT departments, and those that do have them often find that they’re overworked simply keeping everything running on a day to day basis. Few people are experts in the best Oklahoma City Metro Internet network security, with most IT employees not having the time to keep up with the latest threats.

The benefits of keeping your data secure

Following the best Internet security practices will help your business avoid the following:

  • Less downtown due to security disruptions
  • Less potential for costly breaches that could result in crippling lawsuits and a permanently damaged reputation
  • Failing to comply with regulations, including ones that cover sensitive health-related data
  • The release of proprietary information about your company, including its finances and inner workings

To get the help you need in keeping your business’ data – as well as its reputation and profitability – safer with the best Internet security, contact TeamLogic IT.

How Online Data Backup Services Work

Online data backup services help keep your information safe and accessible in the event of a security breach, system failure, or natural disaster.

Data Backup
Securing and storing digital data is important to almost every business, so it’s vital to use an OKC online data backup service. This will ensure that your data is kept safe, you’re compliant with any regulations that may govern your business, and you can access your data in case of any issues. This type of Oklahoma City data backup is essential to reducing costly downtime and ensuring that your business continues to operate seamlessly, even in the case of disaster.

How these services work

A copy of your data is sent to a server that’s either on site (local) or off site (remote). You can choose a schedule for how often a backup is created, such as every 24 hours, and your data will be collected, compressed, encrypted and transferred to the backup server. This ensures that it’s safely stored and will be available if you have an attack on your system’s security or suffer an outage or natural disaster.

The advantages of third-party services

In-house staff can sometimes be placed in charge of Oklahoma City metro online backups, but a third-party backup service offers more security, reliability, storage capacity, and expertise. This type of company can ensure that your data is automatically backed up at the interval you select and that it remains safe and secure.

To find out how your business can benefit from OKC metro data backup services, contact Team Logic IT.

Simplify Business and Save Time With Unified Communications

Unified communications can help many business owners by connecting critical systems in a consistent, efficient way.

As a small business owner, you may have heard the term “unified communications” and wondered exactly what it means and if it can benefit your business.

Unified Communications

Simply put, OKC unified communications (UC) refers to connecting systems that are critical to your business in a way that’s intuitive and seamless, enabling users to have a consistent experience. The result should be a system that’s more efficient and valuable to your business.

Depending on your business’ needs and technology usage, Oklahoma City unified communications can include such elements as instant messaging, video conferencing, telephone services, voicemail, email, and fax.

How can UC benefit your business?

It may help your business in the following ways:

  • Makes your technological tools easier for employees to utilize than separate, non-integrated systems, since it provides a consistent user experience
  • Allows employees to easily collaborate
  • Increases productivity
  • Lets workers work effectively in any location that’s broadband accessible
  • Allows for flexibility, incorporating any of your systems you’d like
  • Provides greater value by using systems you already have in place
  • Can be outsourced to an Oklahoma City Metro unified communications partner that has a portfolio of success and can answer questions and provide ongoing support

Taking the next step

If you’re interested in finding out more in the OKC Metro, how unified communications may be able to help your employees be more productive and efficient, contact TeamLogic IT today. We’ll work with you so we understand your business’ unique needs and challenges and then determine if UC can benefit your company.

Reap the many benefits by using managed IT services

OKC businesses can reap many benefits by using managed IT services.

Managed IT Services
Many businesses utilize the services of an Oklahoma City managed IT services company for some or all of their operations. This allows businesses to focus on their main mission and gain the following benefits:


You can take advantage of OKC managed IT solutions in a broad way, outsourcing your entire IT department. Or you can use it for certain basic operations only, As your company grows, your needs may change, and with managed IT, it’s easy to change the level of services your company receives.


A large part of any company’s bottom line is employee-related expenses. From salaries to health benefits to retirement plans, retaining full-time employees is costly. OKC Metro managed IT support services let you get the support you need without the ongoing high expenses associated with employees.

Consistent Help

Employees are entitled to days off for vacation, illness, and other reasons. When one of your IT employees is off the job, important functions could fall through the cracks. The effects can be costly in the short as well as long-term.

Greater Degree of Experience and Expertise

Even if you have a dedicated IT department, you may not be able to afford the time or money to invest in the ongoing education and certifications they need to stay on top of changing IT needs. With Oklahoma City Metro managed services IT, you’ll know that your IT is being handled by experts who have the training they need.

To learn more about how your company can benefit from our managed IT services, contact TeamLogic IT.

Outsourcing Managed IT Services with TeamLogic IT in OKC

Managed IT Services with TeamLogicIT OKC provide security and reliability to your IT needs.

If your company is handling its IT Services in house, you’re missing out on some important benefits that can be gained by outsourcing.

The following are five good reasons for outsourcing IT services in OKC:

  1. Significant Savings

Employees represent a significant expense for any organization. By the time training costs, salaries, benefits, and other associated costs are calculated, it’s cheaper to explore managed IT services in OKC.

  1. Increased Expertise

With outsourced IT support, you’ll have access to the experts you need. Many companies lack the budget to hire a staff of IT experts and pay for ongoing training to ensure that their knowledge stays up to date.

  1. Refocused Priorities

Your focus is – and should be – on your core business. Oklahoma City managed IT solutions companies let your priorities stay on what you do best while they take care of what they do best.

  1. Reduced Risk

IT providers are well versed in knowing the best technology practices for a wide variety of industries. Their knowledge can minimize your risk and keep you from making costly mistakes.

  1. Freeing Your Resources for Other Purposes

You may have employees who are tasked with IT functions that are not in their areas of expertise. Outsourcing your OKC managed IT support services will free these employees to focus on what they were originally hired to do, making your company more efficient and reducing employee burnout.


H2:  Whether you need consulting for your it projects, or advise on the latest IT Solutions, TeamLogic IT OKC can be your helping hand.

Whether you need daily hands-on IT Support, or just a helping hand for your IT projects, TeamLogic IT OKC is here to help

For more information about how your company can benefit from outsourcing your managed services IT in Oklahoma City, contact TeamLogic IT.

How to Determine the Right Managed IT Services Company for Your Business

Undersized and Under-Equipped Managed IT Service companies come and go frequently,
and so do their Technicians

If your business is older than 5 years, you’ve probably had to rely on the services of at least one IT solutions company. Perhaps you’ve contacted and tried many. Most likely you have felt the frustrations of having an unknown technician working with your computer systems and network. When you make that call to a new IT support company, do you know if the new tech is a trusted and competent advisor, or just some guy trying to guess the cause of your computer problems?

Adding another monthly fee isn’t in your budget?

We fully understand that budgeting for your IT costs can be difficult and not a top priority. After all, businesses feel the pressure everyday from vendors that are trying to sell us more that we don’t need and squeeze more money out of us. IT support services is not immune to this perception in the business climate.

With businesses increased reliability on technology, Outsourced IT Support services are not just a way for IT companies to pad their bank accounts. Outsourced IT Support is a way for businesses better manage their IT budgets and to eliminate problems before they ever occur. Create a solid long-term partnership with an IT firm that you can trust will allow you to focus on the business with confidence assurance that your IT systems will work when you need them.

The Real Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Simply put, the biggest benefit of Outsourced IT Support is discovering and fixing problems before they become a detriment to your business.

A well maintained computer network will always operate more securely than the un-monitored network. With proactive network monitoring, updates and patch management, and computer optimization performed on a regular basis, you will experience a noticeable difference in operation. Your organization will benefit greatly by preventing fires before they occur, rather than fighting them when it’s too late.

Which type of maintenance do you currently have?

The following questions will help you determine what level of IT solutions you currently have and where your systems might be vulnerable.

  1. Are the latest anti-virus updates installed and functioning correctly?
  2. Do you know if the most current security patches have been updated on your network?
  3. Do you know if users on your network are accessing inappropriate web sites?
  4. When do you find out if and when your data back-up fails to run?
  5. Do you know if your computers are running out of memory, affecting user performance?
  6. Do you know the age of the equipment on your network that might need replacing soon?
  7. Do you have one number to call for all of your technology service requirements?

Is your network running slower than normal?

Would you like to know if you are ready for outsourced IT support services, supplemental IT support, cloud computing, or virtualization? TeamLogicIT OKC can evaluate your network for security issues and reliability.

Our experienced technicians will evaluate your network and determine whether there are issues preventing your network from running at optimum performance. Contact TeamLogicIT OKC to learn how outsourcing your IT support can benefit your business and reduce costs. You may call us anytime at (405) 840-1545.

Discover the Real Benefits of Managed IT Services

The Real Benefits of Managed IT Services

Simply put – the biggest benefit of Managed IT Services is discovering and fixing problems before they can negatively impact your business.

A well maintained, proactively serviced computer network will always provide security and business continuity for your business. With proactive network monitoring, patch and update management, and computer optimization performed on a regular basis, you will experience smooth and continuous operations… and you will enjoy the benefits of preventing, rather than fighting fires.

Reduced costs: Businesses are also able to predict and control their IT overall operating costs with the flat-fee billing model. Access to cost effective enterprise level support for small and medium sized businesses is obtainable in today’s marketplace.

24-hour monitoring: With “always-eyes-on” network monitoring 24 hours per day, businesses experience an additional level of comfort and security. And since your Managed IT Services provider also maintains relationships with technology equipment vendors, issues with internet slowness/outages, printers, phones, cell phones and websites are dealt with directly between the equipment vendor and your Managed IT Service provider.

Summary of the Benefits Of Managed IT Services:

  1. Increased operational efficiency
  2. Reduced operating costs
  3. Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support
  4. Minimized downtime
  5. Allows the focus to be on running the business, and not the technology
  6. Peace of mind from knowing that the network is monitored 24/7/365

To learn more about managed IT Services and the benefit provided to your business, contact TeamLogicIT OKC today, or call us at (405) 840-1545.

Minimize Your IT Expenses With Managed IT Services

OKC Metro Managed IT services can help your business minimize expenses.

If you’ve thought about checking into this type of service, you may think of it as an unnecessary expense. But OKC managed IT services can actually help your business save money in the following ways:

Predictable budgeting

You’ll be billed monthly for your services. Instead of wondering if your employees will rack up overtime hours or you’ll have to pay for avoidable repairs, you’ll face a more predictable expense.

Improved cybersecurity

Oklahoma City Metro managed IT services will help protect your sensitive data – as well as your customers’ private information – from a breach. These experts will know how to strengthen the security of your networks to avoid data breaches that can cost you time, money, and customer loyalty.

Increased automation

You’ll receive help streamlining your processes by automating them where possible. This can help reduce costly errors as well as save employees time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Experts on call

Having a team of IT experts on your side can help your business avoid hiring employees dedicated to IT. Even if you do have an IT department of your own, they may already be stretched too thin to keep up with the latest information.

Increased reliability

These services will monitor your IT remotely and will be able to quickly identify any issues and start working to correct them. You’ll avoid expensive downtime that can cost your business money and harm your reputation.
For more information about how Oklahoma City managed IT services can minimize your expenses, contact TeamLogicIT OKC.